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REGULAR BOARD MEETING- Casa Rio Clubhouse/Cabana

3000 Casa Rio Court

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

March 31, 2022 at 6:30pm


Pledge of Allegiance

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE PLEDGE, ASK IF ANYONE IS RECORDING THE MEETING PLEASE IDENTFY THEMSELVES.  INFORM THEM THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO POST ANY RECORDINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  The Master Association and the individual pods are not affiliated in any way with Nextdoor.com and does not endorse any social media


Roll Call – Establish Quorum – Call to Order


Reading and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes from February 24, 2022

Annual Board Meeting Minutes from February 24, 2022



Committee Reports

Architectural Committee Report – March 7, 2022


Landscape Committee Report – February 23, 2022

March 3, 2022


Compliance Committee Report – March 16, 2022


Treasurer’s Report-


Managers Report-


Old Business

Add color options to window frames and grids, either Black or Bronze.

Allow owners the option of replacing their windows without grids.

Allow residents to replace their front and side windows over time. Front windows would have to be replaced at the same time and side/back windows can be replaced at a later date. All windows must match, once the job has been completed.

Add additional exterior light fixtures. Lights shall be in scale with the home, and colors of Black or Bronze with White bulbs. Colored bulbs may be used only during the holiday season.

Add additional colors, and blends of roof tiles

Add additional exterior color to the approved exterior color scheme

Convert 1 Tennis court to a Pickleball court or convert all tennis courts to multipurpose courts.

Common area near Mail boxes in Galleon-Galleon


New Business

Monument Landscape Project –Jardin

Additional Lighting on the trail-Jardin

Hiring of Police Officers to Enforce Traffic Violations-Jardin

Landscape- Removal and replacement of trees-Seminole