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3000 Casa Rio Court

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

March 23, 2023 @ 6:30pm


Pledge of Allegiance

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE PLEDGE, ASK IF ANYONE IS RECORDING THE MEETING PLEASE IDENTFY THEMSELVES.  INFORM THEM THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO POST ANY RECORDINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  The Master Association and the individual pods are not affiliated in any way with Nextdoor.com and does not endorse any social media


Roll Call – Establish Quorum – Call to Order


Reading and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Annual/Election meeting minutes from February 23, 2023

Regular Board Meeting minutes from February 23, 2023

Special Board Meeting Minutes from March 7, 2023



Committee Reports

Architectural Committee Report – March 6, 2023


Compliance Committee Report – January 18, 2023

March 15, 2023


Treasurers Report- February 2023


Managers Report-


Old Business

Compliance guidelines


New Business

Ratify the replacement of the Elpine Pump

Casa Rio pool fence partial rail replacement

Digital meeting packets- Dorado

Board member code of ethics- Dorado

Meeting guidelines- Dorado

Board member email addresses- Dorado

Presidential authority- Dorado

Property Management- Dorado

Installation of Security Cameras in the Clubhouse and Management office-Jardin

BOD position description and responsibilities- Via Jardin

Harassment of BOD members and legal ramification- Via Jardin

Barcode issuance to nonresidents- discuss and vote for approval to limit to residents with completed background checks only.-Via Jardin

A few housekeeping reminders (Bylaws) I.e. yard signs, trash, responsibility for guest- Via Jardin