Dear Valued Woodbine Residents,

We are very excited to announce local municipalities in our area have issued orders allowing for the reopening of community pools, providing CDC Guidelines, including all social distancing guidelines, are adhered to. We are preparing to make accommodations to reopen the Casa Rio, Jardin and Seminole Pools on Wednesday, November 4th. at 9:00am. All pools will remain open from Sunday through Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Below you will find a list of restrictions and guidelines outlined in these orders that all must be followed.  Woodbine HOA will make accommodations to meet these requirements to keep the Casa Rio, Jardin and Seminole Pools in compliance with the order and CDC guidelines.

Additional restriction # 1: “Pool capacity shall be limited to ensure that social distancing is in accordance with CDC guidelines and is maintained at all times.”

Accommodation: the maximum capacity for the pool area in accordance with the guidelines will be limited to 14, and the maximum persons permitted in the pool at one time will be limited to 7. As a result of this capacity, and in accordance with the order, residents will not be permitted to have guests at the pool. Further, a rotating schedule may be implemented if necessary, to allow as many residents as possible access to the pool each day.

Additional restriction #2: Locker room and shower facilities shall remain closed. Restrooms shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day. Soap and water or hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes shall be provided in each restroom.

Accommodation: The restrooms will be open for use and our team will make every effort to regularly disinfect and maintain.

Additional Restriction #3: Pool deck seating or lounging shall be restricted to ensure social distancing in accordance with CDC Guidelines. Please adhere to the markings on the pool deck to comply with  social distancing.

Accommodation: When the pool reopens, you will notice a significantly reduced amount of seating in the pool area in the effort to comply with this restriction. Seating will be placed 6-8 ft apart; residents must maintain the CDC recommended social distancing of 6 ft from all residents not part of their household.

Additional Restriction #4: One or more facility staff or management must be present at each facility location to monitor and ensure compliance with the restrictions in this order.

Accommodation: A member of our security team will monitor the pool area throughout the day to ensure social distancing and capacity restrictions are maintained at all time. We will work to schedule our associate to allow for the pool to be open as much as possible, however, given this restriction, pool hours may occasionally be limited. If the rules are not observed, unfortunately, the Board will be forced to close the pool again.

We appreciate your cooperation in complying with these CDC guidelines, government orders and restrictions as together we make it a priority to protect the health and safety of our residents and staff, while allowing us to open our pool for all to enjoy. Please be safe and stay healthy!

Thank you,

The Board of Directors & Management